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With a full understanding of the issues faced by Government and Commercial Organisations, Bright Management Associates can apply clear vision, intelligence and an understanding of your values, to produce a measurable difference in your performance and as a result we offer expertise in the areas of:

For more information on Bright Management Associates services, please contact us: success@bright-management.co.uk

Waste, Recycling and Environmental Solutions

Bright Management Associates have substantial experience in the development of:

  • Integrated waste management solutions
  • Performance plans
  • Operational change management
  • Project management
  • Contract planning
  • Service evaluation
  • Implementation of waste collection and recycling services.

There are a number of ways in which waste and recyclable materials can be collected and processed. The complexity of the situation is a matter of equating the right system to achieve best materials collection performance.

The permutations and the necessary inter relationship between options, such as collection type, sorting method and frequency of collection, combine to make a relatively easy operation very complicated. Bright Management Associates can develop tailored operating plans for the introduction of successful waste management and recycling services assisting Authorities meet the Government waste targets and achieve Best Value Services.

Bright Management Associates have award winning expertise and experience in delivering Total Waste and Recycling Solutions, including:

  • Re-engineering of services
  • Modelling and re-profiling waste collection and recycling operations
  • Delivering cost effective recycling initiatives
  • Implementing improvements in all aspects of waste management and environmental options
  • Undertaking performance evaluations of existing services and systems to enhance performance.

Strategic Management and Sustainable Development

A robust strategy for the management of your organisation is the cornerstone of management decision making and operational activity, whether a commercial organisation or local authority. Good practice suggest that a clear, concise and target driven strategy will help set a focus for activity in relation to operations and resource management. This strategy can be part of a wider commitment to reduce the impacts of activity on the environment and global climate.

Bright Management Associates is experienced in providing a wide range of complementary services including;

  • Economic assessments, including cost modelling and business case development
  • Legislative compliance and impact reviews
  • Performance monitoring and evaluation
  • Production and revision of strategic waste/resource management documents
  • Stakeholder engagement and consultation facilitation and evaluation
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment and Sustainability Appraisal
  • Waste data review and designs of appropriate data collection systems
  • Waste minimisation and re-use strategies

Business Development and Contract Tendering

The process of Municipal Service Contract Tendering over recent years has stepped up a level and now requires even greater understanding of the service requirements and therefore must reflect improved levels of service delivery from the prospective contractor.

Our team have secured waste management, recycling and cleansing contracts on behalf of private sector clients with a total value in excess of £1 Billion and have also assisted our clients in the introduction of award winning recycling and green waste schemes.

With this background of successful waste and municipal experience, Bright Management Associates can offer practical solutions, tailored to suit the specific needs of your business with solutions that work in the real world.

In order to provide the complete  Business Development and Contract Tendering solution, Bright Management Associates will provide the following activities:

  • Conduct on site surveys of the contract area
  • Review contract documents and raise contract specific questions to the client regarding service specification, onerous clauses and TUPE details etc.
  • Maintain regular client progress meetings
  • Produce a detailed contract summary identifying the contract main issues and areas of concern
  • Carry out staff and vehicle resource evaluations and identify the numbers of employees, vehicles and plant required for each element of the service in order to successfully meet the requirements of the contract.
  • Negotiate with prospective suppliers in relation to vehicles, plant and equipment
  • Develop a contract costing model from which the bills of quantities and contract prices can be established
  • Complete the contract pricing and bills of quantity schedules
  • Present the final figures to the managing board for financial approval
  • Write and complete contract tender submission documents
  • Hand deliver completed and packaged documents to the tender address.
  • Provide post tender advice and answers to client response questions
  • Produce presentation packs and PowerPoint presentation of proposed services to the Council’s tender evaluation committee.

By maintaining a continued presence in a successfully tendered service, this allows a high degree of continuity and gives greater confidence to the Client, who is able to discuss contract matters with us as the tendering consultants, with first hand knowledge of the contract requirements.

Change Management

The world is changing all the time, new ideas, new opportunities, new challenges, and new risks. Bright Management Associates can make change work in your favour by helping you to seize the opportunities it offers, and to control the threats.

Whether at project level, across projects or departments, along the supply chain or business-wide, we can help you to work more effectively, with greater confidence in success.

Change is rarely confined to a single aspect of the business. It is important to identify and address all those aspects that collectively contribute to the overall success of an initiative. There may be many drivers of business change and many targets for the change. One change often sparks many others. For example, commissioning new offices or factories inevitably means dealing with people issues, technical infrastructure and business continuity planning. It might also be an opportunity to bring in state-of-the-art business processes, establish a new corporate culture, switch to integrated IT applications, re-engineer the supply chain, establish new external partnerships, or enter new marketplaces with new products or services.

In simple terms, business change of any kind can be a complex, multi-faceted undertaking. It can be deceptively hard to achieve. Many, if not most, change programmes fall short of their expectations and objectives. The critical success factor is good Business Change Programme management.

Making a Real Difference

Our results-orientated approaches are designed to make a difference to what you do, how you do it and, most importantly, to what you achieve.

Bright Management's aim is to help you find the most direct and effective way to get from where you are to where you want to be, through careful selection of the right approaches and strategies.

We offer practical solutions, tailored to suit the specific needs of your business change programme – solutions that work in the real world. Together, we apply clear vision, intelligence and an understanding of your values, to produce a measurable difference in your performance.

Bright Management Associates have the skills and experience to help you deliver all aspects of business change. Our people bring both business change skills and a track record in rigorous large-scale programme management.

Contract Preparation and Tender Support

It is important to establish a contract specification which is dedicated to the services intended for tender, rather than using a generic specification which is unrepresentative of the subject or district’s requirements.

A good contract sets out in clear and precise terms, the scope of the work to which it applies. Therefore a vague specification should be avoided, as this would lead to misinterpretation of service requirements, which is unlikely to result in good quality services at optimal cost.

It should clearly define the roles, responsibilities, liabilities and expectations governed by the contract and also the procedures to be followed if a dispute arises. Further more, the contract should identify performance measures and expected targets to which, as part of their method statements, the tenderer should identify how these would be achieved.

The specification should define the levels of service so as to encourage innovation and secure quality and performance, and therefore should not just be expressed by inputs, but also through outputs and outcomes. In the provision of our services, Bright Management Associates would propose to work closely with you and your Clients, to establish dedicated contract specifications, representative of the level and quality of services expected from the successful tenderers.

Before recommendations regarding preferred tenderer are made, we would undertake an evaluation of each tender which may result in our request from the tenderer for tender clarification.

The purpose of evaluation is to select the bid that will deliver value for money, which is the optimum combination of whole life cost and quality to meet the specified requirements.

As representatives of the Authority, we would assist with the evaluation process and represent the Council on the evaluation and presentations panel. We will ensure that this is undertaken fairly, objectively and well documented to provide a clear and logical audit trail.

Bright Management Associates are well versed and experienced in support provision to Government and Local Authority departments and the management of the total contracting process.

Consultancy and Waste Management Support

Recent years have seen an increase in activity in the development of waste and recycling strategies, as Local Authorities and Government Departments have worked in consultation with local stakeholders to prepare detailed strategies to achieve demanding targets set by Government to encourage waste minimisation and improvements in materials recycling.

Bright Management Associates have extensive experience with this process, offering advice and guidance on the whole process from consultation with the stakeholders, preparing detailed strategies on how to meet the Governments future targets for increased recycling, composting and recovery of waste, through to the development and letting of service delivery contracts.

We have provided waste advisor support over several years to the MoD Army and have introduced waste and recycling initiatives and Anaerobic Digestion Waste to Energy projects, with the potential for multi-million pound savings and increases in recycling and waste minimisation performance which has brought two nationally recognised awards.

Together, we can apply clear vision, intelligence and an understanding of your values, to produce a measurable difference in your performance and as a result, we believe we could bring valuable expertise and successful services to your organisation.

Project Management and Interim Management Solutions

With today’s continual drive for internal efficiency and business improvement, companies and government organisations need to ensure that service provision and competitive advantage are maintained. The pressures on cost saving means that organisations cannot have an under-utilised manager/professional just waiting to respond to an unexpected circumstance or specialised project. In addition sudden loss of key department or strategic personnel could bring increased pressures on the department or cause significant loss to the organisations business practice and performance. Often due to unforeseen circumstances, a service may be left without a suitable manager to run the operations, either on behalf of the Client or as the Contractor.

Bright Management Associates have experience in the provision of Key Personnel to support both the public and private sectors and can provide experienced Project and Interim Management at depot, contract and senior level in order to maintain service continuity and ensure that there are no reductions in service levels. This can also be provided as additional support to the present management structure when introducing new schemes and initiatives, to assist with their introduction and the mobilisation of new and reorganised services.

Quality Assurance

This is a set of criteria which, when correctly applied will assist an organisation to develop the ability to create quality services and maintain customer satisfaction and market share.

In seeking quality assurance and quality management systems, management must have a set of procedures to which the company would work towards. Without these, achieving the corporate goal and a common understanding would be impossible as each department will have its own view of procedure and the application of quality.

Bright Management Associates are experienced in the provision of Quality Systems support and the production of ISO 9001 Quality Management Procedures and can assist your organisation in achieving and maintaining quality assurance accreditation.

Benchmarking and Performance Reviews

Establishing key performance indicators is important to provide recognised generic benchmarks against which services can be effectively monitored and measured. Bright Management Associates are able to offer research solutions to provide an invaluable framework that will help to:

  • Achieve consistency across services through monitoring and measurement
  • Enable more accurate assessment and comparison of similar and neighbouring services
  • Build a picture of national, regional and local trends
  • Provide support in the development of new initiatives and waste management schemes

During periods of fiscal uncertainty it has become a priority for Government and Commercial Organisations to ensure services are achieving best value through the setting of Key Performance Indicators and undertaking Benchmarking processes. Bright Management Associates are equipped to offer high end services to manage all of these requirements and assist the client in meeting their obligations in relation to Best Value Benchmarking and Service Reviews including:

  • Benchmarking – Comparing performance indicators and detailed investigation of better providers, including analysis of different processes and procedures in order to establish potential improvement in methods and operations.
  • Fundamental service reviews and identification of improvement areas
  • Establishing key performance indicators by which services can be monitored, and success evaluated against similar best value services
  • Secure improved performance from current and future markets through review and evaluation of service provision
  • Analyse the structure of the supply markets
  • Review and evaluation of current contract operations and advise on re-engineering of services
  • Feasibility studies and management reviews
  • The provision of Interim management in response to additional contract management support

Risk Assessments

Employees and members of the public have a right to be protected from harm caused by a failure to take reasonable control measures and it is incumbent upon organisations to carefully examine what, in your work, could cause harm to people, so that you can weigh up whether you have taken enough precautions or should do more to prevent harm.

A risk assessment is an important step in protecting your workers, the public and your business, as well as complying with the law. It helps to focus on the risks that really matter in the workplace.

In many instances, straightforward measures can readily control risks and working in conjunction with the organisation personnel, Bright Management Associates can undertake Risk Assessments with an open mind and clear vision, conducting a 5 step Risk Assessment process.

  • Identify the hazards
  • Decide who might be harmed and how
  • Evaluate the risks and decide on precautions
  • Record the findings and assist with implementation
  • Undertake reviews of the risk assessment and update where necessary to keep abreast of any operational change.

“In Bloom” Campaigns

The benefit of entry into regional and national “In Bloom” competitions for the Local Authorities and the business and residential communities is one of pride for the local area and a “shop front” for the Council for all to see.

In Bloom campaigns promote local commitment for the environment and generates enthusiastic support for improvements in the area.

Bright Management Associates have become very successful in our promotion and support for “In Bloom” campaigns and have a past record of achieving awards for clients in 21 of 24 entries including two prestigious “Britain in Bloom” awards.

We believe that we can bring similar success to your Authority and credit to you and your members, raising the profile of the Authority/Organisation.

With a full understanding of the issues and benefits for a successful “In Bloom” campaign, Bright Management Associates offer expertise in the following areas:

  • Plan "In Bloom" Launch and Presentation Evenings.
  • Organising Local "In Bloom" Groups and meetings.
  • Plan and Organise Schools "In Bloom" Poster Campaign.
  • Continued Promotion and Organisation of Sponsorship.
  • Plan and Organise "In Bloom" judging routes.
  • Assist local Organisers to produce "In Bloom" Portfolio's.
  • Organise and Plan local "In Bloom" competitions and arrange sponsorship.
  • Provide "Power Point" presentation during the "In Bloom" launch and "Awards" presentations.

About us

Our expertise lies in the ability to support clients in the whole management process, dealing with the expression of interest, and evaluating the client’s requirements and aspirations, designing solutions for core services and negotiating project agreements.

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