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Bright Management Associates Testimonials

Mark-Pigott - Project Manager

Urbaser worked with Bright Management Associates for a large tender opportunity, in working with them they were able to provide additional experience and expertise that allowed us to develop our solution and submission.

Their commitment to customer support, professionalism and attention to detail gave us great confidence in their services. We have been very much impressed by Bright Managements ability to deliver a corporate identity that perfectly fits with that of our own and symbolises our vision, as well as conveying a stylish and modern image to our submission documents, sustaining the international development of our company. Urbaser are pleased to maintain their association with Bright Management Associates and fully recommend their services.

Mark Piggot
Project Manager
Urbaser Ltd

In 2005 HQ Land Command (Army) tasked HQ London District with the implementation of a District Waste Management Programme, the purpose of which was to meet government and legislative targets by setting in motion mechanisms aimed at overhauling and improving all District waste/refuse-stream procedures. After thorough appraisal this task was identified as “specialist” and to that end HQ Land Command sponsored the position of District Waste Adviser (DWA).

Following the tender process Bright Management Associates were awarded the contract and their principal, Rob Gamble, duly took up the post.

Rob ensured that the District, for the first time, were in possession of detailed site-specific surveys of all major locations, a District Waste Management Strategy, a District Waste Management Plan and a District Waste Management Aide Memoire. Negotiations with local councils had yielded partnership agreements resulting in no-cost recycling. Seminars had been held to “preach the gospel” ensuring all District personnel (regardless of rank) were aware of the significance of their contributions. Balers were purchased for the in-house recycling of polythene and cardboard and the District were able to boast an 82% recycling rate. A number of the District’s documents were adopted as templates  by Land Command Army HQ and published on the nation-wide web site. The programme had achieved a conservancy budget reduction of 58% and led to four nominations for recycling awards resulting in two runners-up spots and two wins - the prestigious National Recycling Award BCR trophy and Association for Organic Recycling Best Partnership Award.

Nick Wood - Army HQ Horse

Bright Management Associates has now moved on to organise 5 Division – our loss is their gain and we wish them well. The Bright Management legacy is in leaving behind a department that is able to deal with all facets of waste management with confidence and expertise and an ongoing anaerobic digestion plant project which will simultaneously deliver energy and dispose of the Districts equine waste liability. The fact that the District is now acknowledged within the MOD as the leaders in waste management is due entirely to the efforts of Rob Gamble and Bright Management Associates.

Their unique gift is in making waste management so interesting, their boundless enthusiasm motivates all around them and I will always be grateful to Rob Gamble for taking me under his wing.

Nick Wood
Army HQ,
Horse Guards

Roger Edwards MD Verdant

Bright Management Associates have worked for us on many occasions, assisting us in developing successful tenders which have led to us being awarded a number of prestigious contracts. We have found them to be both reliable and enthusiastic, with a professional determination to provide successful quality services. Their initial involvement in the implementation of our successful Green Waste Club has brought us two nationally recognised awards and has now been successfully implemented in many of our other contracts throughout the country.

Roger Edwards
Managing Director
Biffa Municipal

Colonel Pete McIntyre

Bright Management Associates Limited has been our preferred provider for over 3 years. In that time they have always managed not only to set realistic targets but they have always managed to surpass them and then maintain that tempo. Every target has been set collaboratively and we always managed targets to meet our (the client) needs. Bright Management Associates Limited have the breadth of knowledge and experience to be able to give us the perfect blend of detailed technical input together with the pragmatic on the ground output. They have proved invaluable on numerous occasions by delivering detailed written technical advice. This together with their extensive network of contacts meant that we could communicate our wishes quickly and effectively. In short, I have nothing but praise and admiration for Bright Management Associates Limited and in particular Rob Gamble for whom we have the utmost respect. He is a man of his word and he delivered way beyond that which we expected. I would like to thank him for his enormous contribution. He has saved us over £0.5m in a little over 2 years and he enabled the Waste to Energy Plant that we are now progressing.

With our gratitude and our esteem.
P A Mcintyre

Lt Col
SO1 Infra Branch

Our requirements have been met beyond our expectation given that the Division had no baseline for this specialist area. Having been set Government level targets, Bright Management produced accurate base data for 28 of the largest sites across our area. This has since been effectively used to exceed the targets and improve our waste management practices. From the available funding for this work area, we have received excellent value for money, especially when compared to other areas that have greater resources at their disposal. Working with Bright Management has been both amicable and pleasant. Their approach and delivery to the customer base has been nothing short of professional at all times. Given the fastidious nature of military manner and custom, Bright Management has proved its capability in communicating the right message, at the right level and in achievable amounts. This has been evident in the results and feedback from the customer base. We would readily recommend Bright Management to any Public or Private Sector business. Discreet, reliable and totally professional, it has been our privilege to be associated with this company.

Major P.W. Badder
SO2 Infrastructure
Headquarters 5th Division

Wyndham Site Services Logo

I was very impressed by the level of support that I received from Bright Management Associates for our composting proposal. Their professionalism has been a major contributing factor to the success of our venture, and I can thoroughly recommend their service.”

Chris Carroll MCIWM
Business Development Manager
Wyndham Site Services

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